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Product Photography

product photos

Product photography

Poor product photographs are the number one reason businesses struggle to sell their products online. Many sales are lost as a result of poor images – we certainly know a poor image when we see it – out of focus, colourless, poorly lit or just too small.

The ground has shifted from paper advertising to screens: your customers are viewing your website and product images on high resolution monitors, televisions and tablets, all with incredible display quality. Do your images measure up in these mediums?

Having pictures that make your products “pop” on these screens should be a key part of your marketing strategy and is essential in establishing credibility with your customer demographic.

profile photos

Profile photography

The massive increase in sales conversion you will achieve with professional product photography will easily justify the small cost to have your products shot by a professional photographer.

If you are ready to make your product photos work harder and pull in more sales, please phone 09 2221045 or complete the form below. If you are located in Auckland, we can either come to your location, or shoot the products in our own studio.

We offer excellent rates either by the hour or per item, which averages out at about $10-15 per item for a typical product, or $25 per item for clear-cut, web-ready images.

Prices will vary depending on location, number of items and complexity. For an accurate quote of your shoot please use the form below.