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The panoramas on this page have been made by joining or “stitching” many portrait images together create a long and large image. Many hours go into making an image like this but the unique result is worth it. These panoramic images are for sale on this web site and often people use them as banners on websites or billboards. I do bulk price on three or more images. Peter


For Web (72DPI)

Small (web) Medium Background X-Large Background Panorama
$25 $50 $75 $100 $125
400x260px 800x600px 1920x2560px 2800x4200px up to 1000px across
72 DPI 72 DPI 72 DPI 72 DPI 72 DPI


For Print (300DPI)

Medium Large X-Large Panorama
$45 $60 $85 $125 $150
600x800px 1200x1600px 1920x2560px 2800x4200px Very large indeed!
300 dpi 300 dpi 300dpi 300dpi 300dpi