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Auckland Harbour

Auckland Harbour, also know as the Waitemata Harbour and Hauraki Gulf is a boaties and fisherman’s dream. The Auckland Harbour is on the Pacific Ocean side of the Auckland Isthmus. The collection of photos below are taken in and around the harbour. Buy different sizes and resolutions stock images for advertising and marketing projects.


For Web (72DPI)

Small (web) Medium Background X-Large Background Panorama
$25 $50 $75 $100 $125
400x260px 800x600px 1920x2560px 2800x4200px up to 1000px across
72 DPI 72 DPI 72 DPI 72 DPI 72 DPI


For Print (300DPI)

Medium Large X-Large Panorama
$45 $60 $85 $125 $150
600x800px 1200x1600px 1920x2560px 2800x4200px Very large indeed!
300 dpi 300 dpi 300dpi 300dpi 300dpi
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