Young boy dreams about being a pilot as he is flying his airplane at sunset.  The sense of freedom and joy that he displays is very attractive.  A feeling of well being and a healthy lifestyle are what this clips is all about.  The warm golden scene exudes an emotional joy about life and living in the countryside.   A bumper crop of wheat makes for a good background adding to a feeling of dreaming.

生活方式 HD 錄像片段和 B 捲影像檔

無論您要搜尋有機單一來源的時髦生活方式錄像片段、秉持可持續生活理念的千禧一代影像檔或積極的退休生活錄像影片,我們多樣的免版稅生活方式錄像片段庫便於您準確找到需要的內容。馬上開始探索我們的生 活方式短影片吧。

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